July 2020
Smart entitlements Scottish Government Report

Smart Entitlements: Recommendations and Report for the Scottish Government

The ‘Smart Entitlement Strategy’ proposed in this report identifies a simple way forward that can improve service quality while radically reducing friction, effort, risk and cost for both service providers and citizens..

April 2020
attribute prototype Scottish government report

Final Report: Attribute Prototype Project

The aim of the Digital Identity Scotland (DIS) programme is to develop and implement a new way for people in Scotland to prove their identity when they access public services. This would enable individuals to create a digital identity, which then can be used and re-used for secure access to personalised services from public service providers.

June 2018
Data portability report

Data Portability White Paper

The UK needs fundamental structural reform if it is to realise the full personal, social and economic potential of personal data in a digital economy. Data portability opens a door to achieving this structural change. Done well, it can open up rich, exciting opportunities for value creation, innovation and growth. But done badly, the harms it creates could outweigh the benefits. Policy makers and regulators have the opportunity to do data portability well using services and infrastructure that already exists. They can and should seize this opportunity.

August 2017
individual as point of integration paper cover

Unlocking the Value of Our Data: The Individual as the Point of Integration

The value of our personal data is much higher than we have realised so far. It will form the backbone and the lifeblood of our use of the internet in years to come. But the way we currently deal with it is not working. To realise the full value of our data, we can start with a few realistic, achievable changes.

February 2015
opportunity of attribute exchange cover

The Opportunity of Attribute Exchange

By enabling verified attributes to be shared within a trusted framework, customer journeys can be streamlined, interactions improved, processes simplified and the risks related to data sharing reduced.

November 2012
third sector white paper cover

The Third Sector and the Future of Stakeholder Engagement in Challenging Times

Third sector organisations are facing unparalleled challenges. Mydex Personal Data Stores provide a trusted and highly secure platform for engagement and operations that deliver reduced operating costs and increased engagement, satisfaction and agility of response. 

September 2010
case for personal information empowerment cover

The Case for Personal Information Empowerment: The Rise of the Personal Data Store

Our current approach to collecting and using personal data is dysfunctional. Personal Data Stores represent a fundamental breakthrough in personal information management.