Mydex Community Interest Company takes a Human Rights Approach to Personal Data collection, storage and sharing.

It is now possible to build a personal data ecosystem that is interoperable, flexible, certifiable, scalable and that is also safe, secure and consensual, where taking a human rights based approach also results in genuine personal, social and economic benefits.

Our personal data stores equip individuals with tools to collect, store, use and share their data to manage their lives better.

They also help bona fide service providers reduce data processing costs, improve service and innovate.

As a Community Interest Company we are legally committed to pursuing our mission of empowering individuals with their data.

We are currently helping individuals and service providers use personal data to better manage chronic health conditions, access debt advice, improve independent assisted living and assure identities. We are working with governments, local councils and communities to improve access to and increase the value delivered from public services.

We plan to do much, much more.