Getting started with the Mydex Platform

Getting started is easy. Four simple steps to success.

Choose what to aim for

1. Choose what to aim for

It's all about deciding what your first goal is. Change takes time, but setting achievable first goals will put you on the road to success. Your first goal could be based on:

  • a pressing need for change
  • convenience for users 
  • a low risk and cost implementation
  • a quick return on investment
  • gaining feedback and learning lessons
  • communicating something to your customers / members / citizens
  • improving compliance

Connect your service

2. Connect and plan service launch

With your first goal in sight, you can connect to the Mydex Platform and focus on the service itself. This boils down to three main areas:

  • Defining the journey and proposition
  • Building and testing the connection
  • Designing and testing the communications plan for your customers, members, citizens, patients, staff

Start your service

3. Start your service

It's built and ready to deploy. Usually you will:

  • Send out invitations

  • Launch on your website

  • Communicate with your stakeholders

  • Monitor take up and response

  • Tune communications

  • Measure benefits

Extend your service

4. Extend your service

Now you've addressed your first goal, you can move on to the second on your list and repeat the process to suit your needs! The flexible and interoperable Mydex APIs can be scaled, extended and combined in many configurations to achieve the outcomes and scope you are looking for.

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