Our team

Picture of David Alexander

David Alexander

CEO & Chief Platform Architect

David Alexander, Former Director of Strategy and Marketing at Northgate Public Services and Group development director at Computacenter plc.

Picture of Sam Hill

Sam Hill

Project and Partnerships Officer

Sam is responsible for a broad portfolio of work including helping to shape programmes we undertake, community and public engagement, and research and analysis. He joined the company shortly after finishing an MSc. in Public Policy at the University of Edinburgh, where he focused on diverse research methods and the administration of cross-sector projects, as well as assisting research into the sharing economy. He also has an honours degree in philosophy and politics from the University of Dundee.

Picture of Liza Herzog-Reid

Liza Herzog-Reid

Delivery Lead

With expertise in public-private and third sector partnerships as well as privacy and human-centred design, Liza facilitates the success of our projects through ensuring they deliver reductions in friction, effort,risk and cost of services delivered to citizens. She uses her extensive communications background to enable the engagement and collaboration of all stakeholders involved to enable practical paths to real, measurable benefits for citizens and the organisations.

Picture of Viv Lacey

Viv Lacey

Non-executive Director

Viv brings a depth of experience in leadership, organisational challenge and development, and management from her career in consulting and the civil service.

Picture of Alan Mitchell

Alan Mitchell

Non-executive Chairman

Alan Mitchell, one of the founders of Mydex, has been pioneering the opportunity of personal information empowerment for two decades. His 2001 book Right Side Up predicted the rise of ‘consumer agent’ business models and in 2004 he helped form the Buyer Centric Commerce Forum a networking group for entrepreneurs working in this space.

Picture of Steve Quinn

Steve Quinn

Lead Development and Support Engineer

Steve is responsible for leading the development and support team working across the range of Mydex platforms and services

Picture of Alex Stobart

Alex Stobart

Director Scotland

A former senior civil servant, Alex is now a Director at Mydex CIC and social entrepreneur. He believes that collaboration across sectors can drive the potential for person centred services in public sector, social enterprise and business. Alex leads Mydex’s business development in Scotland, Wales and the North of England.