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Wheel of Life

Using and accessing personal data is essential to delivering safe, secure and effective services in a modern digital economy. To achieve our mission as a community interest company, we provide any citizen with a Personal Data Store hosted safely and securely in the cloud.

The Personal Data Store enables citizens to collect, receive, and store personal data about them and their life. Organisations can deliver personal data into them as part of normal service delivery or collect data from the Personal Data Store with the consent of the citizen. This approach eradicates friction, effort, risk, and cost in both accessing and providing services.

Available via G-Cloud or directly.

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My data exchange

The digital economy requires a lot of data sharing; The Mydex Personal Data Exchange Service enables personal data to be collected, delivered, and distributed between organisations and citizens in a way that is not only safe and secure but empowering, frictionless and efficient.

It does this by putting citizens in control. They can choose what data is used and how. This way, it’s easy for citizens to exercise their rights under GDPR and the Data Protection Act, and for organisations to meet their obligations for transparency, data portability, and informed consent.

Secure Data Exchange eradicates form filling and duplication of information. For citizens and front line workers, it reduces the friction, effort, risk, and cost of accessing and delivering services. In turn, this increases inclusion, equality, and ease of access.

Our Personal Data Exchange Services enable citizens to deliver proof of claims, such as their identity, entitlements or age, and collect and share verified information about themselves with services and organisations. This leads to empowering digital channels for citizens and services. All the data involved is collected and stored in the citizen’s Personal Data Store.

Available via G-Cloud or directly. Online documentation available here

Identity As A Service 🔗︎ click to copy

Citizens need to be able to control their own online identities and access services where and when they need to, without endlessly creating usernames and passwords. Organisations need to reduce the risk of cyber threats and protect their customers’ data.

Mydex believes that enabling citizens to have a basic set of secure, privacy-protecting credentials for life is an essential element of empowerment. Making those credentials easy to work with means organisations can improve the onboarding and management of citizens they serve, without the risks associated with managing their credentials.

We provide a secure identity service supporting registration, authentication, and ongoing management of privacy-protecting digital identity credentials.

Our ‘as a service’ model is hosted in the cloud and can be integrated into any environment supporting open standards and protocols.

The service can be extended to meet diverse needs: supporting a range of multi-factor authentication mechanisms, profile management, identity assurance, and age verification.

The Mydex Identity as a Service offering works seamlessly with the Mydex Personal Data Exchange Service. The Exchange Services are integrated into the citizen’s Personal Data Store, which provides the verified attributes to support identity assurance processes.

Ensuring a safe and secure set of credentials is available, alongside the verified attributes that support linking those credentials to an individual, is the core benefit of the Mydex approach.

Available via G-Cloud or directly. Online documentation available here

Inclued Platform 🔗︎ click to copy

Inclued Value Proposition

The Inclued platform enables safe, secure, two-way engagement between citizens and organisations. It improves access to services, enables participation, and builds community through personalised notifications and information. Citizens sign up once for a profile, set their preferences and can begin engaging with services in their area.

Subscribers recruit and target the citizens they already serve, or attract new citizens to their services. They can present incentives and offers, create communities, and seek feedback or direct engagement to gain insights and improve the targeting of their services. Inclued also eradicates form filling through secure, informed data sharing.

It is built on top of the core Mydex Personal Data Exchange and Identity as a Service platforms. All personal data is under the control of the citizen and is shared as part of a data sharing agreement with only those organisations they wish to engage with.

Available directly from Mydex CIC with planning support services on G-Cloud

Master Reference Data Services 🔗︎ click to copy

There is a tremendous amount of duplication of effort across many organisations as they seek to validate data as part of their data entry forms and automated processing. We describe this type of data as Master Reference Data, it is not personal data but it affects everyone’s lives and the service providers who support them.

We have created a democratised master reference data services or MRD offering designed to reduce the friction, effort, risk and cost for individuals and organisations who need to ensure the data they are using can be validated whether this is for something as simple as a postcode, or through to complex health conditions and diagnosis. Our goal is to deliver and maintain a professionally managed, highly available and resilient set of master reference data services so that our stakeholders do not reinvent the wheel or duplicate the effort of others or become locked into specific commercial applications.

MRD End to end overview

Available via G-Cloud or directly and to see more please go to our documentation page here.

Web App Generator 🔗︎ click to copy

Many services are still paper-based or with basic office productivity tools or delivered in person and lack a secure, digital channel for citizens to access them. There can be a lot of friction, effort, risk, and cost for citizens and front line teams in delivering these services. This is particularly significant where a group of organisations work together to deliver services to citizens. We address this by providing a tool for transforming manual services into simple, easy-to-use web applications — all based on our secure data sharing platforms.

The Web Application Generator (WAG) enables non-technical people to capture service requirements and map the actors and data involved into a storyboard. They then use this to preview and generate web applications that meet all UK Government service design manual guidelines and Digital First Service Standards.

The WAG approach allows anyone to rapidly capture what a service looks like now and identify where there is friction, effort, risk, and cost, whether that service is a paper-based or a manual, digital experience. Anyone can create new services and web apps to deliver a seamless experience for citizens, even when working across multiple service providers.

The WAG is already integrated into the Mydex Personal Data Exchange Services and Identity as a Service. All the associated data is stored in the citizen’s personal data store.

The WAG enables existing manual, fragmented services to be integrated at pace — transforming service delivery with one, new, digital channel of engagement. Data only needs to be captured once and is shared across the service under the control of the citizen at all times.

Available via G-Cloud or directly.