individual as point of integration paper cover

Unlocking the Value of Our Data: The Individual as the Point of Integration

The value of our personal data is much higher than we have realised so far. It will form the backbone and the lifeblood of our use of the internet in years to come. But the way we currently deal with it is not working. To realise the full value of our data, we can start with a few realistic, achievable changes.


August 2017
opportunity of attribute exchange cover

The Opportunity of Attribute Exchange

By enabling verified attributes to be shared within a trusted framework, customer journeys can be streamlined, interactions improved, processes simplified and the risks related to data sharing reduced.


February 2015
third sector white paper cover

The Third Sector and the Future of Stakeholder Engagement in Challenging Times

Third sector organisations are facing unparalleled challenges. Mydex Personal Data Stores provide a trusted and highly secure platform for engagement and operations that deliver reduced operating costs and increased engagement, satisfaction and agility of response. 


November 2012
case for personal information empowerment cover

The Case for Personal Information Empowerment: The Rise of the Personal Data Store

Our current approach to collecting and using personal data is dysfunctional. Personal Data Stores represent a fundamental breakthrough in personal information management.


September 2010