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Testimonials from Mydex Community Prototype participants

Mydex is an important step towards Brent residents owning and safeguarding their own data and is a practical example of Brent’s on-going commitment to providing more efficient local services. It. At a time when public services are under severe financial pressure this is yet another example of how we as a council are rising to the challenge of finding innovative ways to improve our services.

Tony Ellis, Head of IT, London Borough of Brent

We are delighted to take part in the first ever prototype service to give control over personal data back to citizens: where it belongs. We think it will save citizens time, reduce hassle and allow for more accurate data to flow between the council, other organisations and people themselves. It is an important first step in this tax-cutting council’s strategy to deliver better services for less cost – and to make government work for the people not the other way round.

Councillor Liam Maxwell, Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead

To provide efficient, effective services that citizens trust, we need to get the right information to and from the right people at the right time. The Personal Data Store service developed by Mydex offers an innovative way to rise to this challenge. It’s the start of something very valuable with long-term positive outcomes for all concerned.

Lyn McDonald, Programme Director Tell Us Once

The Mydex Community Prototype is a vital step towards usable Personal Data Stores and Vendor Relationship Management. Fast, high-quality consumer data is YouGov’s expertise. We are proud to partner with Mydex to understand and shape the next stage of this growing industry.

Stephan Shakespeare, Founder and CEO, YouGov

Directgov understands the future potential from services designed around citizen driven sharing of trustworthy personal data. However, it is essential that we first understand how the benefits are perceived by customers. We are therefore pleased to be involved in this initiative and to be able to learn from its findings.

Jayne Nickalls, Chief Executive, Directgov

There is much happening in the world of data protection at the moment. The review of the European data protection directive due in 2011 is a case in point. The emergence of Mydex’s prototype for the personal data store, putting the individual squarely back at the heart of data protection, thus comes at an interesting time. Mydex’s initiative has the potential to create a step change in relations between individual and organisation, and between individual and government when it comes to how our information, as citizens and as consumers, is used. We look forward with interest to the evolution of this exciting initiative.

Marc Dautlich, Olswang LLP

Mydex has created the foundations for a secure and privacy-friendly system that has the potential to attract an unprecedented level of trust amongst consumers and organisations.

Simon Davies, a leading international privacy advocate

Mydex’s Personal Data Store will help consumers have trust, confidence and control when sharing personal data with companies. Both consumers and marketers stand to benefit from this initiative by enabling well-targeted marketing that’s tailored to the consumer’s stated preferences and permissions.

Chris Combemale, Executive Director, Direct Marketing Association

This is a wonderful example of the move towards the empowerment of individuals, and will enable people to have a much richer and fairer relationship with a whole range of different types of organisations and services. Netmums is looking forward to raising awareness of the initiative because we have seen first-hand the way in which sharing information at a community level empowers and supports mothers in all aspects of their day to day lives.

Sally Russell, Co-founder, Netmums

People have had enough of the disdainful way that big corporations and big government treat them and their information. We’re on the cusp of a revolution in the way people do business, one that will cast aside organisations that put the needs of their shareholders before the needs of their customers. The timing could not be better for start-ups that encourage collaboration, transparency and participation. HometownPlus and Mydex are perfect examples of what these new businesses should look like.

Mike Riddell, Co-founder, HometownPlus

The launch of a Mydex personal data store provides a fundamental building-block of the future web world in which users will be at the centre of their own set of supply relationships and have much more control over how companies and government organisations gain access to them to provide products and services and to serve their needs. We are proud to have played a part in the thinking that led to the founding of Mydex CIC as the key trusted third party needed to catalyse the emergence of such services and also to have developed and provided the personal data architecture on which the Mydex service will be based.

Andy Coleman, Chairman of TCV (UK) Ltd (“The Customers Voice”)

Patients Know Best was built around the same principles as Mydex: that the citizen should control their data, and that everyone benefits when they exercise that control. For our users, that means better health at lower costs. By working with Mydex and its partners, these empowered patients can control every other aspect of their lives, helping their communities improve services while saving taxpayer money.

Mohammad Al-Ubaydli, CEO, Patients Know Best

We’re fully behind Mydex’s mission to empower individuals to manage their own personal data. Swirrl’s focus is on making public data easier to find, understand and use. Through our involvement in the Mydex Community Prototype, we’re aiming to connect people with public data that is directly relevant to them.

Bill Roberts, Swirrl IT Ltd

Ctrl-Shift is delighted to be involved in the Mydex prototype. There is an exciting shift in the way that information is being used, managed and stored that leads to greater benefits for the consumer, rather than data being exploited by the vendor. Piloting a data store controlled by the individual is a massive step-change in market capability. We are really looking forward to seeing the impacts of this project and the learnings that can be harnessed to best effect to enable the control shift (from producer to consumer) to further blossom.

Paul Smith, Ctrl-Shift

WorkDocx is pleased to be part of the Mydex initiative. Our customers will benefit from the ability to control their personal employment data with a deeper level of security by utilising the Personal Data Store. Mydex provides the private individual with the confidence to store information online for rapid access and re-use.

George Walker, CEO, WorkDocx Ltd

Enabling individuals to participate actively in the management and use of their own data offers the potential for significant improvement in service access and delivery. We welcome this test as an opportunity to create openness and transparency as well as a new way forward that will help public facing organisations improve the delivery and quality of the services they provide to citizens.

Terence Sandiford, Experian

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