Mydex CIC & Local Authorities
As councils continue to face the challenges of budget cuts and increasing citizen/customer expectations, Mydex can dramatically cut costs whilst enabling the innovative services councils are looking for. You will no longer need the resources to offer personalised services. Individuals are able to share data with you and others, telling you exactly what they need and when, thus enabling you to continue to respond in a more relevant way to deliver quality and outcomes.

Saves time

Each citizen manages their own, individual personal data store, keeping all their information up to date and accurate, and eliminating time wasted chasing up incorrect or incomplete data. Requesting information is as simple as a click of a button straight to the citizen’s digital letterbox.

Saves money

A local authority can spend up to £120m on letters per year. A connection to the Mydex platform would reduce this cost by £117m, equipping every citizen with their own personal data store.

Streamlines processes

Data quality eats up at least 10% of staff costs in the public sector. A connection to the Mydex platform streamlines and automates data quality, providing live, up to date and complete information about each citizen where you need it, when you need it, managed by the individual and automatically populated by their connections.

ISO27001 certified

A Mydex Personal Data Store is hyper secure, protected by a two-fold password and personal key that only the invidual knows. No one, including Mydex, can access the data without the individual choosing to share it. Each connection, and thus the data being shared, is verified and trusted. Read the Data Sharing Agreement here.

A connection to Mydex is available via the G-Cloud framework. To find out more visit

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A Mydex Personal Data Store provides the individual with a trusted digital identity, allowing them to prove their identity with a few clicks based on verified connections to other organisations in their PDS. All data is verified based on the Mydex Trust Framework. Read the Mydex Charter here.