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We are using the internet more and more to get stuff done. People should be able to do things quickly, easily and safely online, without having to worry about what’s happening to their data, and without having to waste time manually entering information or proving who they are with a physical document. It’s time to put you in control of your own data.

Get things done

Almost every day, we have to collect, use and share data to get basic things done. This could be something as simple as your name and address, or as complicated as an official document to prove something about yourself. Often, this involves time and effort. We have to fill in the same information for the thousandth time in an online form, or go to a branch somewhere to prove our identity with an official document, or who knows what else.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to provide verified information about yourself to the people who need it, under your control, from wherever you are, in a matter of minutes? Not only that, but what if you could reuse this verified stuff the next time you need to share some information to get stuff done? You don’t lose control of the data, and yo don’t have to provide the same information over and over again. That’s what Mydex CIC and the Personal Data Store is about.

Quicker, easier and safer

A Personal Data Store puts you in control. Imagine having one place to go to be able to access, understand, and use the information you need to get stuff done and manage your life. You alone decide who sees your data. Mydex provides your data store, but unlike some ‘cloud’ services, we can never see the information inside it, and we don’t want to. It is not our business model. You alone hold the encryption key to your PDS, and you alone control who accesses your data and for what purpose.

Mydex is for life

This is not a one-time thing. This is a store of data that you collect through your interactions, data you can take with you, combine, separate, and use elsewhere. It’s designed to be with you for life. A Mydex Personal Data Store is free to individuals, and it always will be. It is a longitudinal record of your interactions, and something that can become valuable and useful to you on a daily basis.

What could a Mydex Personal Data Store do for me?

A Mydex PDS provides you with tools to control what information you share with which organisations and when. For example, you want to buy something online. Instead of having to type your address out every time you buy from a new online store, you just click once to share it from your PDS. The more data you add to your Personal Data Store, the more things you will be able to do with it.

Say you need to apply for a parking permit. You’ll need a vehicle registration document, a certificate of motor insurance, and proof of address. You will be able to store all this information in your Personal Data Store, with verifications from the parties concerned that this information is correct. If your local council has got the right systems in place, you will then be able to share the relevant PDS contents or verification with your council at the click of a button.

The organisations you deal with may automatically add details to your Personal Data Store as part of the transaction, if you choose to allow them to do so. When you make your purchase online for example, the date of the transaction, value, product or service purchased, serial number, guarantee, etc. can automatically get stored in your PDS for future reference.

These are just some examples of how you could use your PDS, depending on who you connect with and the data you collect, the possibilities are endless! And yet you do not give up control over your data as a result. This is your data, to take with you wherever you want to take it, and use it for whatever you need to use it for. Your data, your way.

How do I get one?

It’s a simple and quick process to set up your own Mydex Personal Data Store. It’s free, and it only takes a few minutes to create. You will need to have access to your email account and you will have to think about decide on three specific things:

  1. A unique name for your Mydex ID — you cannot change this once it is set, make sure you pick something memorable that you like!
  2. A password of your choosing — your password is used to access your Mydex account, but cannot unlock your PDS on its own. This can be reset.
  3. A special ‘private key’, this is the secure password that will be used to decrypt your PDS. This cannot be reset, you must not forget or lose this!

All the steps are clearly explained during the signup process, just head over to to created your Personal Data Store!

More about Mydex CIC

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Watch our short video below to explore what ‘your data’ means to you, and to get an idea of what a Mydex Personal Data Store could do for you.

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