Mydex & Housing Associations
Policy changes driven by the public-sector funding crisis will see grants, housing benefits and public-private partnerships cut. The sector faces reorganisations and consolidation, there are new business models and legal forms to consider, resident relations to maintain and the ongoing challenge of cross-boundary services. And Universal Credit threatens cash flow by placing new demands on tenants’ financial planning.

Mydex brings great benefits to Housing Associations at this challenging time. Mydex can help with ID provision, but it does much more than that. Having a secure Mydex-enabled two-way data connection lets tenants help clean up the Housing Association’s data holdings. The Mydex-enabled relationship can transform the information logistics that underpin housing services, whether booking repairs, providing holistic care around a hospital discharge or staying on top of monthly finances and making sure the rent gets paid. And the Housing Association can offer your tenants trust and convenience with valuable new services such as certified proof of payment history, and address verification.

How can Mydex assist housing associations?

Profiling the needs of customers — Tenants will be able to share additional personal details that will enable TVHA to tailor the services that are required. Such needs include: Income, Benefits, Work needs, Impairments, language requirements, preferred contact methods, crime and health.

Tackle financial inclusion — Volunteered personal information from the Mydex PDS will help to inform strategies to tackle, and also allow for more creative ways to address this. For example smart-phone applications and development of a debit card – enabling payments for rent from UC residents.

Enable digital inclusion — By the digital nature of the scheme, our housing association can concentrate on digital inclusions and IT literacy. We welcome that opportunity.

Respond to the Green Deal and reduce fuel poverty — Reducing fuel poverty is a real need amongst those on UC facing benefit caps. As a housing association, we feel by using PDS, we can help residents cut back on fuel usage such as gas.

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