Scottish Government

Empowering Scottish citizens and transforming public services
Mydex and Scottish Government
Scotland has the opportunity to transform its public sector and engage with citizens in new and effective ways to provide them with high quality, joined up services, including supporting those in transition stages where timeliness and sensitivity is vital. 


Technological change can make significant contributions to improved outcomes and reduced costs. The public sector in Scotland is committed to realising these opportunities by delivering “digital first” public services, to improve citizen’s quality of life and boost economic growth.

Respecting privacy

To achieve its goal of putting Scottish public services at the forefront of the digital age, the Scottish government will give more responsibility back to individuals, whilst respecting privacy and protecting their personal information.

Mydex allows the government to deliver new-style flexible, agile, user-oriented services in a way that is effective and personal because it leaves control with the individual, while supporting the goals of ease of access, efficiency and convenience.

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