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Components for digital services

Mydex provides certified components that enable public sector organisations to launch and adapt their digital services at low cost, and in a flexible, streamlined way. The Mydex Platform is certified to ISO27001 and ISO27018 level for Information Security Management, and Cyber Essentials certified. We aim to underpin your service, helping to alleviate the common pain points of cost, risk and time, and make the evolution of digital public services a reality that benefits everyone.

Personal Data Stores

Exchanging data with citizens is often an essential part of any public sector service. This must be streamlined, trustworthy, and financially flexible to fit the budget of even the smallest local authority. The two-way data exchange API of the Mydex Platform enables a secure, persistant connection between citizen and service, ensuring information is in the right place at the right time. A flexible, cost-reducing component that enables digital public services to launch quickly and on-budget.

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Identity as a Service

Trust is vital in the provision of digital public sector services. The identity components of the Mydex Platform allow for streamlined authentication of individuals with minimum effort, reduced costs, supporting multiple protocols for maximum integration. The citizen benefits from a portable, person-centred identity credential that they can use to authenticate themselves across a range of services and sectors without the time and effort of constantly submitting and verifying information.

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GDPR Compliance Package

The GDPR, compulsory from May 2018, requires new levels of support for transparency, informed consent, and data portability, on-going access to personal data, information about its use and sharing with third parties. We address these requirements in one simple set of API services that can be integrated into existing environments. The components of the Mydex Platform are GDPR-compliant. Our services, which can connect to legacy systems, current systems or be built into new service offerings, enable an easier, cheaper and safer transition into interaction with personal data post-implementation of GDPR.

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Cluster Collaboration Platform

Often, organisations in the same local area work together to provide services to an individual. They might be from different sectors, different regulatory environments, and of different sizes. To get the best outcomes for the individuals they are working for, journeys should be convenient, low in effort and easy to manage. Data needs to be able to flow seamlessly to make sure it gets where it needs to be, when it needs to be there. Security is paramount, and intervention timely. If this can be achieved, services become more effective, and everyone involved benefits. The Cluster Collaboration Platform offered by Mydex enables groups of organisations like these to offer joined-up, secure and effective services at a lower cost, with faster implementation.

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Digital service accelerators

At Mydex, we understand that choosing where to start or how to activate digital services can be challenging and time consuming. That's why each of our packages comes with a dedicated accelerator service. Our accelerator services aim to support public sector organisations in identifying manageable goals and milestones, developing a roadmap to service launch, and designing person-centred services to improve outcomes for organisations and citizens alike. Using these accelerators reduces risk in adoption and increases implentation speed, enables skill transfer to local teams, and gives you access to expert services in support of your implementation programme.

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The tools to launch, evolve or secure your digital public services are right at your fingertips.

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