Iain Henderson steps down as Mydex director

October 17th, 2011

17 Oct 2011 – Today Mydex CIC announces that it has been agreed between Mydex and Iain Henderson that Iain will no longer be a Board director or play any external facing role representing Mydex. Iain was instrumental in establishing Mydex (both the concept and the company) and in demonstrating its viability via the Mydex Community Prototype earlier this year. Before helping found Mydex, Iain helped found The Customers Voice Ltd (TCV). Recently Mydex CIC signed a comprehensive partnership agreement with TCV, which plans a range of services for individuals using Mydex as its platform.

Iain’s stepping down from the Mydex CIC Board is necessary to ensure there is no real or perceived conflict of interest. Mydex thanks Iain for all his contributions to the creation and growth of Mydex. Iain continues to be a shareholder in Mydex CIC, and the Mydex directors will continue to seek his advice and to draw on his deep expertise on a wide range of matters which affect the emerging new personal data ecosystem.

William Heath

About William Heath

William Heath is chairman of Mydex CIC.

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